How to get the old value, new value of the cell of flexgird v4.0.30319

Posted by: levanduyet on 10 March 2023, 3:08 am EST

  • Posted 10 March 2023, 3:08 am EST


    I use flexgrid v4.0.30319, I want to check the old value of the cell and compare with the new value of the cell.

    After that I will compare and allow to change or change back to the old value.

    How I can do that. I have try event BeforeEdit to save the old value


    Then in the Event LeaveEdit, I get new value. But look like I could not get the old value from event BeforeEdit


    Duyet Le

  • Posted 12 March 2023, 7:19 pm EST


    “BeforeEdit” is a bit dangerous, as it is also fired when rendering the cell - it might happen that you store a value of a different cell because of this behavior. Better use the “StartEdit” event to save the original value. This event is fired when the cell enters edit mode.

    Hope this helps


  • Posted 12 March 2023, 9:33 pm EST

    Hello Duyet,

    As suggested by Wolfgang, You can use the StartEdit and AfterEdit events of FlexGrid to achieve your requirement.

    Please find the attached sample implementing the same.

    @Wolfgang, thanks for your insights.


    Prabhat Sharma.

  • Posted 14 March 2023, 3:20 am EST

    Thanks @Wolfgang & Prahat Sharma.

    I were use ValidateEdit.

    In this event, if I use

    flex[e.Row, e.Col] //=> Value before edit.

    And if I use
    flex.Editor.Text //=> The value that the user has enter

    The BeforeEdit just to define which column that the user can edit

    if (flex.Col != 11)
                        e.Cancel = true;

    Duyet Le

  • Posted 14 March 2023, 8:51 pm EST

    Hello Duyet,

    Thanks for explaining your use case.

    I hope the issue has been resolved on your end. In case you need any help from our end, please feel free to ask.


    Prabhat Sharma.

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