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Posted by: greg.lutz on 2 December 2020, 7:55 am EST

  • Posted 2 December 2020, 7:55 am EST

    For .NET 5, 10,000 APIS were carried over from the .NET Framework, but unfortunately the component licensing API that used the licenses.licx file was not one of them. In 2020 v2 we introduced a new licensing system across ComponentOne that would work independently of Microsoft, and this licensing is now required to publish apps using our .NET 5 controls.

    You can read more about the licensing updates here:

    All new keys obtained after July 29th, 2020 will work with the new licensing system. Due to our subscription model, you may have an existing license for WinForms Edition, Ultimate or Studio Enterprise and you are entitled to use the 2020 v3 release including .NET 5 controls.

    If you have a key purchased prior to July 29, 2020, and you need to license .NET 5 application, you will need a new key. Please contact our customer support team and they will generate you a new key.

    Greg Lutz, Product Manager
  • Replied 5 December 2021, 5:27 pm EST

    I just upgraded to 2021v3 and found that I longer have a working license even though it says 2022 v2
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