Switching from Studio Enterprise Trial license to Winforms Product license

Posted by: dvmspb937 on 30 April 2021, 1:13 am EST

  • Posted 30 April 2021, 1:13 am EST

    I did some Winforms development with C1FlexGrid.4 & C1TreeView.4 using Studio Enterprise
    license, then purchased and activated Winforms Edition Product license. The nag screen keeps popping up. Is there any way to get rid of the nag screen without having to purchase Studio Enterprise Product license?
  • Replied 2 May 2021, 3:37 pm EST


    Please make sure you have followed the licensing steps given in the documentation here: https://www.grapecity.com/componentone/docs/license/online-license/licensing-old-controls-with-new-serial-key.html.
    Also please make sure, you have updated the license entries in the Licenses.licx file of your project. Please refer to the "Creating or Updating a Licenses.licx" section of the blog post here: https://www.grapecity.com/blogs/licensing-manager.
    If you still face any issues, please let us know.

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