What happen to PersianCalendar?

Posted by: moridi on 1 April 2019, 5:50 am EST

  • Posted 1 April 2019, 5:50 am EST

    In version 4.0.20191.359 C1DateEdit in browser can choose Persian calendar in CalendarType but after select show the Request value was not found!
    If I want to set at runtime do not see the Persian calendar!
    Please take back this calendar.
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    Replied 1 April 2019, 10:11 pm EST


    As per my understanding, you are having issues with setting Persian calendar in C1DateEdit, with the latest builds.
    I used the attached application at my end to set the same at runtime, for the C1DateEdit control. This was executed using the same 4.0.20191.359 builds.
    Please execute the same and let me know if the issue persists. In case this does not help, share a modified application along with screenshots of the issue, so that I can assist you further.

    Best Regards,
  • Replied 26 April 2019, 1:13 am EST

    I know c1DateEdit1.SetCultureInfo(persianCulture) but in your properties you have calendar type as persian.
    or automatically used the current thread culture info without use SetCultureInfo.
  • Replied 29 April 2019, 5:53 pm EST


    I could observe the issue and have escalated the same to the development team (Internal Tracking ID: 377021). Will get back to you once I receive any information.

  • Replied 31 July 2019, 1:12 am EST


    We are happy to inform you that the issue has been fixed in the latest release version 4.0.20192.375. You can either use C1Live or the following URL to download the assemblies: http://prerelease.componentone.com/dotnet40/c1winforms/2019-t2/C1WinForms.4_4.0.20192.375.zip

    Best wishes,
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