C1Book control and page turning percentage

Posted by: mike on 24 January 2022, 5:29 pm EST

  • Posted 24 January 2022, 5:29 pm EST

    Hi. Question please. As a page is turned (manually by using the mouse of automatically when a corner is clicked), is there a way to know the amount the page has turned? For instance, if I manually turn a page and it is halfway to being fully turned (laying flat), is there a percentage somewhere that says 50%? Or during the animation, a percentage that says 10%, 30%, 90%, etc.? Thanks.
  • Replied 24 January 2022, 8:52 pm EST

    Hello Mike,

    Thanks for reaching out to us with your query.

    Currently, your requirement is not possible with C1Book and this seems like a valid requirement. So we have raised an enhancement request and discussing your requirement to the development team. We will get back to you once we get any update from them.
    [Internal Track Id - C1XAML-28843]

    Best Regards,

  • Replied 25 January 2022, 4:17 pm EST

    Thank you Nitin. If this helps, I'll explain my use case.

    A book may be displayed in single-page mode. While in this display mode, I can take a book and center it horizontally in a window. When the end-user turns the opening page, I want to switch the book to two-page mode and display the book once again centered horizontally in a window. As the visual display of the book changes from single-page display mode to dual-page display mode, I want a smooth animated transition between these two display modes, all the while keeping the book centered horizontally.

    The same would be true in reverse; going from dual page to single page (from page 2 to page 1)

    My thinking was to tie in animation to the percent of how much the opening page has opened; in other words the percent of animated transition from single to dual would be based on the percentage that the page has opened from page 1 to page 2.

    If there is another way this may be accomplished, I am all ears; or if this is something that could be built into the book control itself, that would be even better.

    Thanks, Mike
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