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Posted by: patrick.muellner on 3 July 2022, 11:05 pm EST

  • Posted 3 July 2022, 11:05 pm EST


    how can I bind on a C1Scheduler.

    For sample - I have a dummy class with 2 properties.
    A text and a date.
    And I want to bind on a list of my dummy class and the date with the text should be binded to the scheduler.

    Is this possible?
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    Replied 4 July 2022, 2:57 pm EST

    Hello Patrick,

    JFYI, Scheduler's appointment accepts Start and End DateTime not a single Date property.
    However, yyou can bind the data with Scheduler as:

    <c1:C1Scheduler Name="sched" ViewType="Month">
    <c1:NestedPropertySetter PropertyName="DataStorage.AppointmentStorage.DataSource" Value="{Binding dataTable}"/>
    <c1:NestedPropertySetter PropertyName="DataStorage.AppointmentStorage.Mappings.OwnerIdMapping.MappingName" Value="Id"/>
    <c1:NestedPropertySetter PropertyName="DataStorage.AppointmentStorage.Mappings.Body.MappingName" Value="Body"/>
    <c1:NestedPropertySetter PropertyName="DataStorage.AppointmentStorage.Mappings.Location.MappingName" Value="Location"/>
    <c1:NestedPropertySetter PropertyName="DataStorage.AppointmentStorage.Mappings.Start.MappingName" Value="Start"/>
    <c1:NestedPropertySetter PropertyName="DataStorage.AppointmentStorage.Mappings.End.MappingName" Value="End"/>
    <c1:NestedPropertySetter PropertyName="DataStorage.AppointmentStorage.Mappings.Subject.MappingName" Value="Subject"/>

    Please refer the attached sample for the same: SchedulerDemo.zip

    Best Regards,
  • Replied 4 July 2022, 9:19 pm EST


    Is it possible that I got the C1Scheduler DLL with the version 4.0.20181.588.
    Because we still work with this version.

    Regards Patrick
  • Replied 4 July 2022, 9:23 pm EST

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the acknowledgement.

    You can download Dlls for version 4.0.20181.588 from https://c1prereleasesite.blob.core.windows.net/c1-prerelease-drops/DotNet40/C1WPFLibrary/2018-T1/C1WPFBasicLibrary.4_4.0.20181.588.zip

    Best Regards,
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