DataGrid Double Click Scrollbar issue

Originally Posted 12 August 2011, 11:20 am EST

  • Originally Posted 12 August 2011, 11:20 am EST


    My company has had some time to tinker with the DataGrid and for the most part are quite happy with it. But we are having an issue.

    On the MouseDoubleClick event, if any row has focus and the scrollbar is double-clicked, then the event fires. We only want it to fire if a row is double clicked.

    We tried using the C1MouseHelper events and those didn't fire at all.

    We are trying to avoid enumerating through each row every time the grid is bound and setting up an event on the presenters; so is there another event to hook in to that ONLY fires when a row is double clicked?

    Thank you.
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    Try inspecting the visual parents up from the OriginalSource of the event. Only process the event if you find a row presenter in the ancestor list.

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    Thank you, this method met our needs perfectly.
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    I did a quick Google search for the same issue and this thread was the first result. It also met our needs. Thanks!
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