Giving C1 Flex Report Designer to End Users

Posted by: msloan on 12 August 2019, 9:50 pm EST

  • Posted 12 August 2019, 9:50 pm EST


    We want to give our End Users the ability to select a sub-set of fields from tables within our database and be able to design a report based on their selection, using the C1 Flex Report Designer application.

    Are we allowed to supply C1 Flex Report Designer as part of the installation of our software?

    Will the End User be able to use the Designer indefinitely?

    If so, what files apart the C1 Flex Report Designer exe itself do I need to include in the installation file for the Designer to work on the End Users's PC (References to Flex Report and Document have already been added to the project)?

    What are the command line parameters for running the C1 Flex Report Designer?

    Mark Sloan
  • Replied 13 August 2019, 10:45 pm EST

    Hi Mark

    Yes, you can distribute C1FlexReportDesigner to your clients. If you want to have a look at the source code of this application, please visit the link below:
    Also, please be noted that it needs an Ultimate/Enterprise license to build the app, else it will show nag screen.

    In order to run the FlexReportDesigner exe from command line, please use the standard cmd command:
    1. Open cmd and change directory to the filepath, like cd C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms\C1FlexReport\CS\DesignerApp\bin\Debug
    2. Type: start C1FlexReportDesigner.4.exe and press Enter.
    This would run the flexreport designer exe through command prompt.

    Best wishes,
  • Replied 14 August 2019, 1:02 am EST


    Thank you for the info. I'm finding that if I start C1FlexReportDesigner.4.5.2.exe via the command line from within C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\Apps\v4.5.2 (where it is installed), runs OK with a splash screen and a warning about running in 64-bit mode.

    If I copy the C1FlexReportDesigner.4.5.2.exe to another directory and try and run it from there, it stops very quickly and doesn't show anything. What files or DLLs to I need to copy to the new location to make it work?

    Also can I run it without getting the splash screen?

    Mark Sloan
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    Replied 15 August 2019, 8:06 pm EST

    Hi Mark,

    >>runs OK with a splash screen and a warning about running in 64-bit mode
    You can run the 32 bit version of the application (that is C1FlexReportDesigner32.4.5.2.exe) to avoid the 64 bit specific warning dialog.
    Also, to run the application without splash screen, make sure your machine is licensed/activated against ComponentOne and also that you run Cmd with Administrator privileges.

    >>What files or DLLs to I need to copy to the new location to make it work?
    You need to place all the dlls present in the bin folder of the application DesignerApp installed at ..\Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WinForms\C1FlexReport\CS location.
    Or you can find the DLLS needed to be copied, placed in a folder here:

    Best wishes,
  • Replied 8 September 2019, 1:44 am EST


    Can you please specify the command parameters need to launch the designer from a command line with an existing report definition and an existing XAML datasource, so a user can continue working on an existing report without having to go through the new report wizard?

  • Replied 9 September 2019, 12:46 am EST

    Hi Mark,

    I am not aware of a command that lets the user launch FlexReportDesigner with existing datasource and view definition. So, I am discussing this with the developers [ID: 397412].
    I'll get back to you once we have a confirmation/solution for you.

  • Replied 9 September 2019, 10:43 pm EST

    Hi Mark,

    We have received confirmation from the developers: Currently, only the *.flxr file to open can be specified on the command line. Example:
    C1FlexReportDesigner32.exe report.flx
    Other than this there are no command line parameters supported.

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