.NET 5 and C1 version 4.5.2 controls

Posted by: bhroberts52 on 17 November 2020, 3:10 am EST

  • Posted 17 November 2020, 3:10 am EST

    Can I use C1FlexViewer, C1FlexReport and C1XLBook in a new .NET 5 WPF project if I use the 4.5.2 controls? Can I use both C1 4.5.2 controls and C1 5.0 controls in the same project? Thanks.
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    Replied 17 November 2020, 6:59 pm EST

    Hi Burton,

    1) Yes, you can use .NET 4.5.2 C1 controls in a .NET 5 WPF project.

    2) We are sorry but it is not possible to use two different versions of the same control in the same project as it will cause conflict because of the similar API.

    I hope it helped.

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