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Activating your Spread components on a remote server


To activate your Spread .NET license on a remote server, use the command prompt to avoid licensing errors.

Steps to Complete:

Activate using the Command prompt

Getting Started:

Activate using the Command prompt:

1. Open the command prompt.

2. Type the below command and press enter to browse to the following directory:
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\GrapeCity\Components

3. Run the following command to open the Grapecity License Manager. Click "Yes" in the Grapecity License Manager dialog that appears on your screen.

4. A list of commands will be displayed on the command line. Use the last command, replacing the "YourProductKey" field with your product key as shown below to get the authentication number:
GrapeCity.LicenseManager.exe /GetAuthenticationNumber /Product:"Spread.NET 13" /ProductKey:YourProductKey

5. On another machine with an internet connection, go to Enter the Product Key and Authentication Number from the original machine on this website. Click the Send Request button to generate a license key.

6. Now, open the command prompt and type the first command from the list obtained after executing step 3. The following command will activate the product when you replace the Product Name field with "Spread.NET 13", the YourAuthenticationNumber field with the number (obtained in Step 4), the YourProductKey field with the product key and the YourLicenseKey field with the license key (obtained in Step 5). Also, type your username, company name and email address in the fields YourName, YourCompanyName and YourEmail respectively.
GrapeCity.LicenseManager.exe /Activate /Offline /Product:"Spread.NET 13"
/AuthenticationNumber:YourAuthenticationNumber /ProductKey:YourProductKey
/LicenseKey:YourLicenseKey [/UserName:YourName] [/CompanyName:YourCompanyName] [/Email:YourEmail]

7. If the above command is executed successfully, it displays the message "Activated Successfully" on the command line. This indicates that the product license is successfully activated on the secure machine.