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How to find ActiveReports version number


This article shows you how to find the full version number for ActiveReports.

Solution #1 (Windows 10):

-Open the Start Menu

-Click Settings

-When the Window Settings window appears, select Apps

-Scroll down on the Apps & features window and find GrapeCity ActiveReports in the program list

-Select the version you have installed to see full version number

Solution #2 (Visual Studio)

-Open Visual Studio

-Goto the Help Menu > About Microsoft Visual Studio

-In the About Microsoft Visual Studio window, find ActiveReports in the Installed Products list to see the full version number

Solution #3 (ActiveReports Designer)

-Open the Start Menu

-Search for “ActiveReports 14 Designer” and open the application. (If you have another version installed, just replace the version number in the search. Ex: “ActiveReports 13 Designer”). The Designer can also be found in this directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GrapeCity\ActiveReports 14\Tools\GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Designer.exe

-In the designer, select File > About, to see the full version number of the designer.

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