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Set the Tab Key to Choose the Top Filtered Selection in AutoComplete with ASP.NET Core MVC Edition


This functionality involves adding a keydown event listener on any hostElement of AutoComplete where Tab should select the top filtered selection.

Steps to Complete:

1. Pick each AutoComplete object you’d like to add the keydown event listener to:

cityAC.hostElement.addEventListener('keydown', selectFirst(cityAC));
countryAC.hostElement.addEventListener('keydown', selectFirst(countryAC));

2. Create the function to select the Tab key as the listener:

function selectFirst(ac) {
	var listener = function (e) {
		if (e.key === 'Tab') {
			var listBox = ac.listBox;
			if (listBox.collectionView.itemCount > 0)
				ac.selectedItem = listBox.collectionView.items[0];
	return listener;

a. Note that line 3 can be changed to work with any key, not just Tab.

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