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Show the Tooltip Content from Other Properties of the Same Record in a FlexGrid Cell


Tooltips are very useful when we would like to show the additional information for the target element. In the FlexGrid’s cells, the content gets shown for the specified properties. But what if we would like to display the content from properties other than the specified properties? In this case, the Tooltip can be used to show this content from the data item.

The following code snippet can be used to show the content from other properties:

var range;
            grid.hostElement.addEventListener("mousemove", function (e) {
                var ht = grid.hitTest(e);
                if (JSON.stringify(ht.range) != JSON.stringify(range) && ht.cellType == 1 && !(grid.rows[ht.row] instanceof wijmo.grid.GroupRow)) {
                    range = ht.range;
                    var data = grid.getCellData(ht.row, "First", true) + " : " + grid.getCellData(ht.row, ht.col, true);
          , ht.col), data);
                if (ht.cellType !== 1 || (grid.rows[ht.row] instanceof wijmo.grid.GroupRow) || ht.row == grid.rows.length - 1) {
            }, true);
            grid.hostElement.addEventListener("mouseout", function (e) {

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