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  • Jul 21, 2009

Components for all layers of application development inside ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v2

Components for all layers of application development inside ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v2

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA - July 21, 2009 - Today, ComponentOne released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v2. Studio Enterprise provides a complete suite of custom controls for Windows, Web, and Mobile application development.

The company’s second release of Studio Enterprise this year brings new controls, features, and benefits to the developer community. The expansion of their offering for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) debuts seven new controls, from gauge controls which visually display data to input controls which showcase multiple data formats and add data validation. As ComponentOne’s control suite grows for Microsoft Silverlight 3, the amount of WPF platform controls will increase as well, since their Silverlight 3 controls will be ported to WPF.

Built upon the Microsoft Silverlight 3 platform, ComponentOne’s controls for Silverlight 3 included in Studio Enterprise consist of grids, charts, gauges, maps, books, menus, treeviews, rich textboxes, layout panels, uploaders and other basic UI and line-of-business controls. One control in particular that ComponentOne added to the 2009 v2 release is Media Player for Silverlight. It provides a player that runs media, video or audio using Silverlight and supports the media formats supported by Silverlight.

ASP.NET AJAX developers will see improvement in the performance gains and theme building options available with the five new ASP.NET controls: ProgressBar, FormDecorator, Upload, ToolTip, and ComboBox. Another addition currently in Community Technology Preview (CTP), and scheduled to release in the fourth quarter of 2009, is a Web-based skin customization tool named C1 Visual Style Designer. “The controls we build deliver both speed and style for every application,” said Chris Meredith, product manager at ComponentOne. He also stated user experience will improve with highly customizable ToolTips (C1Tooltip) and an editable text box with an auto-searchable drop-down list (C1ComboBox).

In addition, this release also includes new features for Windows Forms users. Microsoft Office Excel for.NET users can now specify a formula for a cell with the XLCell.Formula property. Added enhancements have been made to SpellChecker for WinForms, as users can now use the C1SpellChecker control to spell-check controls that derive from the WebBrowser class. Meredith explained how simple it is to use, noting, “Just drop the C1SpellChecker on your application and attach it to any control by setting one property.”

The Studio Enterprise component suite encompasses seven platforms and hundreds of controls. In addition to the WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, and Windows Forms platforms, Studio Enterprise also includes iPhone, Mobile, and ActiveX controls.

“ComponentOne’s release of Studio Enterprise 2009 v2 enables developers to take advantage of the rich new features and capabilities in Silverlight 3,” said Brad Becker, director of rich client platforms and tools at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is pleased with the various ways partners like ComponentOne are developing tools for Silverlight 3 that will enable a new class of applications on the Web.”

Pricing and Availability

ComponentOne offers the full version of Studio Enterprise for $1,300.00 per developer. This license includes all of the controls included in WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, iPhone, Mobile, and ActiveX suites and comes with a one-year subscription service that entitles you to free updates, product enhancements, and new products for the life of the subscription.

About ComponentOne

201 S. Highland Avenue, Third Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
412.681.4343 or 1.800.858.2739

ComponentOne is a privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. As a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program, ComponentOne provides a wide range of Visual Studio components, IDE tools, and Web Parts for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services. For more information, visit grapecity.com/about.


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