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GrapeCity Releases ActiveReports 11 with Faster Report Rendering

  • Press Release
  • Nov 15, 2016

RALEIGH, NC - November 15, 2016 - GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner ecosystem, today announced the release of ActiveReports 11. ActiveReports 11 is a versatile .NET reporting solution that not only integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio, but can also be used as a stand-alone application with ActiveReports 11 Server.

“ActiveReports 11 offers users a comprehensive collection of data visualization controls with designer and viewer controls for HTML5, WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Windows Azure development, plus integration with Server components,” said Bhupesh Malhotra, product manager at GrapeCity. “For this latest release of ActiveReports, we optimized performance of the rendering engine and PDF export, added native support for JSON and CSV data sources, and added a host of other enhancements,” said Malhotra.

ActiveReports 11 includes a faster report rendering engine for online report previews as well as exports to PDF, DocX, Excel and other formats. “We made the rendering engine almost twice as fast for first page loads while handling large datasets with a 60% smaller memory footprint,” said Malhotra. The performance optimizations translate to even higher improvements for ActiveReports Server users. “On ActiveReports 11 Server, our tests reveal that the new server is up to 20 times faster for small and large reports,” said Malhotra.

ActiveReports also introduces native support for JSON and CSV data sources, and adds a query builder for the XML data provider. These allow developers to easily get data from NoSQL data sources, web services, and WebAPI without developing custom code. “These new data providers open up the data available to developers at report design time, and they can run them on the Server or embedded within their applications,” stated Malhotra.

When migrating reports from other applications, developers and report authors can use the new Excel Import to import tables and data regions into ActiveReports RDL and Page reports. “Many of our customers have existing reports that they want to migrate into their applications. With the Excel Import utility in ActiveReports 11, this is now possible with just a few steps,” said Malhotra.

The ActiveReports 11 Server Report Designer Add-On now includes out-of-the-box RDL, Page, and Section report design right in the Report Portal using a new ClickOnce End User Report Designer. “The ClickOnce End User Designer included in the optional add-on brings powerful and flexible ad-hoc reporting for end users without developers having to write a single line of code,” said Malhotra.

ActiveReports 11 Server also boasts a new printer management module with batch printing functionality for scheduling print jobs on server printers. “The new batch printing enables users to print letters, customer statements, and other reports according to predefined schedules,” said Malhotra.

The ActiveReports 11 release includes many more highlights, including new support for multiple Y axes that enables composite charts, print preset options for PDF exports, a new theme designer that lets users customize the ActiveReports 11 Server Report Portal and Administrator Dashboard, enhancements to the HTML5 viewer, and design-time enhancements to Tablix and Table data regions.

The ActiveReports 11 What’s New page provides additional details on the new features included in this release of the developer editions. grapecity.com/controls/activereports/whats-new


GrapeCity offers no-charge, 30-day trials of ActiveReports 11 which may be downloaded here.

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