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GrapeCity Developer Solutions Announces Next Major Software Releases of 2017

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  • Jul 20, 2017

Release features the launch of ComponentOne Xamarin Enterprise Edition

Release features the launch of ComponentOne Xamarin Enterprise Edition

Pittsburgh, PAJuly 20, 2017 GrapeCity, a component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem and Visual Studio 2017 Sim-Ship Partner, today announced its second major 2017 software releases which includes the launch of ComponentOne Xamarin Enterprise edition. This new architecture adds UWP support, provides support for Xamarin’s visual designers, and delivers up to twice the performance of prior versions. The newly restructured controls have speed, flexibility, and the easy-to-read API that developers are accustomed to, helping to make the charts, grids, and gauges seamlessly useable within Xamarin. The Xamarin Enterprise release includes additional notable new features, such as the addition of pull-to-refresh and zooming to FlexGrid.

“We have always ensured that our customers get the fastest, most flexible controls available,” said Jody Handley, Product Marketing Manager at GrapeCity. “Refocusing Xuni’s already existing native mobile capabilities to Xamarin provides developers with the best native mobile reach for their applications.”

In the world of .NET, ComponentOne Studio has launched PDF DocumentSource for WinForms, UWP, and WPF. This PDF component reads, prints, and exports PDF documents, acting as a key component to load and view PDFs in FlexViewer, GrapeCity’s cross-platform document and report viewer. PDF DocumentSource makes it easy to load and view PDFs with just a few lines of code. It also eliminates dependencies on Adobe Reader and includes all the expected features in a PDF viewer.

The v2 release offers quite a few other enhancements—including Office 2016 themes and a TreeMap in all GrapeCity’s top platforms, including Wijmo JavaScript.

In JavaScript news, Wijmo now supports Angular 4 and TypeScript 2.2, further demonstrating a commitment to current technologies. Wijmo also worked closely with Microsoft and additional key companies to ensure that FlexGrid now meets the strict ARIA standards for grid accessibility. Keyboard shortcuts were also added so that FlexGrid feels familiar to all end users.

New resources are also available for Wijmo users – the ebook “How to Select the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Team” and LearnWijmo, an interactive library of fiddles.

GrapeCity’s ActiveReports has dropped a mid-year release, as well. While the major annual release is still scheduled for November, developers now have access to an exciting new feature: a web designer for ActiveReports server. With support for both semantic and RDL report design in any browser, this sleek interface offers an easy, ad-hoc reporting environment. The need to compile and redistribute a project to change reports is no longer necessary.

GrapeCity’s developer products continue to provide developers even more options for creating rich and interactive applications across all platforms. For all the details on the newest releases, visit http://grapecity.com/blogs.


The company offers a no-charge, 30-day trial of GrapeCity ComponentOne Studio that may be downloaded at http://grapecity.com/download. Online visitors may also access tutorials, forums, documentation and videos as part of the GrapeCity ComponentOne experience.


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Videos: http://grapecity.com/videos/

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