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ActiveReports. NET v15.1 Released by GrapeCity Developer Solutions

  • Press Release
  • Apr 28, 2021

The first maintenance release of 2021 includes high-value and long-awaited features to upgrade developers' toolkits for intuitive and dynamic reports.

Pittsburgh, PA – April 28th, 2021 GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, is pleased to announce ActiveReports. NET v15.1. In this first maintenance release of 2021, users will receive several high-value and long-awaited features, as well as typical bug fixes. ActiveReports v15.1 upgrades developers' design toolkit for intuitive and dynamic reports.

The ActiveReports. NET team has supported Page and RDL report deployment to Linux since ActiveReports 14. Although Section reports were supported on .NET Core and .NET 5, they required a Windows host due to reliance on GDI rendering. With the release of v15.1, several enhancements are available that allow report designers to deploy applications to a Linux server. Most importantly, there is the addition of the new GcDoc rendering that enables users to deploy ASP. NET Core or ASP. NET 5 applications to Linux environments. To learn more about section reports in the ActiveReports. NET v15.1 Maintenance release, visit the release blog.

To bridge the limitations of the Windows and Linux operating systems, ActiveReports. NET v15.1 includes custom font resolving. As a continuation of the team's dedication to WYSIWYG reporting, this release provides the ability to pass custom fonts via an API, so Page, RDL, and Section reports display with the right fonts on Linux. To learn more about registering a custom font and passing it to a section report, read the release blog.

One customer-requested feature included in the ActiveReports. NET maintenance release was dynamic table column widths for hiding columns based on conditions. While this has always been possible with previous versions of ActiveReports, the table width would shrink when columns were hidden. The team added the new property, AutoWidth, to the Table control's column property to address this outcome. Setting this property to Proportional renders a much cleaner table that maintains its original size by automatically expanding the column's width to account for the space left by the hidden column. To learn about various other customer-requested features in the ActiveReports. NET v15.1 release, visit the release blog.

“This release brings cross-platform support full circle to include all of our report types and allows .NET developers to deploy their web apps not only to Windows OS but to Linux servers," said Product Manager Mateen Firoz.

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