What's New in SpreadJS v15.1

Pittsburgh, PA – May 31st, 2022 GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, is pleased to announce the SpreadJS v15.1 software release. The highlights of SpreadJS v15.1 include exciting new features to PivotTable and TableSheet, and workbook and calculation enhancements. These features expand developers’ capabilities within their JavaScript applications when building high-performance enterprise spreadsheets. SpreadJS v15.1 is now available as an upgrade for existing customers and a download for new customers on the GrapeCity website

In v15.1, SpreadJS PivotTables now support timeline slicers, allowing users to slice data by specific dates conveniently. In addition to filtering a PivotTable by dates, JavaScript developers can use the timeline slicer to dynamically filter by date and time with a powerful slicer control. By default, PivotTables will display only items containing data, especially when rows or columns are not visible when filtered. With the new “Show items with no data” option, users can enable the PivotTable to show these blank values even though they don’t contain any data. Read the release announcement to learn more about updates to PivotTables.

With the release of SpreadJS v15.1, TableSheet now supports displaying multiple rows in column headers, allowing users to visually group columns together in hierarchies of related fields. This functionality is included in the SpreadJS script files for TableSheet and the SpreadJS Designer. Another powerful feature delivered in the v15.1 release is free header area support. This feature allows JavaScript developers to create a dynamic header area above the TableSheet view that includes full support for formulas, formatting, and more, making it ideal for providing supporting summary data at a glance. Visit the website to learn more about the additional TableSheet enhancements.

In addition to new features for PivotTable and TableSheet, the team has also released calculation and workbook enhancements in SpreadJS v15.1. The calculation engine now supports using “.” as an operator to retrieve the properties of an object. In a previous SpreadJS software update, the team included the ability to add text inside shapes. The v15.1 release enhances this functionality to have the ability to add cell references as the content is in shape. Read the release article to learn more about the workbook and calculation enhancements.

"The 15.1 release of SpreadJS introduces some exciting new features for PivotTable and TableSheet, as well as enhancements to workbook and calculation functionality that are perfect for JavaScript developers and enterprise projects," said Product Manager Kevin Ashley.

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