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GrapeCity Developer Solutions Releases Wijmo 2020 v2

  • Press Release
  • Jul 29, 2020

This release includes new Barcode and TransposedMultiRow components, new custom editors for FlexGrid, and new PDF security features.

Pittsburgh, PA – July 29th, 2020 GrapeCity a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, is pleased to announce the Wijmo 2020 v2 release. The highlights of Wijmo v2 include support for Angular 10 and Vue 3, new Barcode and TransposedMultiRow components, new custom editors for FlexGrid, and more. Wijmo v2 is now available as an upgrade for existing customers, and as a download for new customers at GrapeCity.com.

The Wijmo team was able to add support for Angular v10, prior to Angular’s official release in June. With Wijmo 2020 v2, the ESModules are available to ship and will work seamlessly with Angular’s Ivy compiler. Wijmo supports Vue 3 as well. Although Vue 3 is currently in beta, Wijmo is releasing a beta version of Vue 3 support. To learn more about the Angular 10 and Vue 3 support, see the full release.

There are new barcode components to create 26 types of barcodes. From QR Codes to UPC, these barcodes are entirely rendered in JavaScript and require no server-side dependencies to help users track and share information around the world. A request from several Japanese customers led the Wijmo team to add the new TransposedMultiRow component. The MultiRow aspect allows the user to define multi-row layouts for a single record in a grid, while the transpose aspect repeats the records horizontally instead of vertically.

In 2020 v2, the Wijmo team is introducing custom editors for FlexGrid columns. By specifying a custom editor control using a single "editor" property on the Columns class, the user can utilize any Wijmo input, including Date Picker, Numeric Textbox, AutoComplete, and more.

Availability Wijmo is available via a no-charge, 30-day trial. Online visitors may also access tutorials, forums, documentation, and videos as part of the GrapeCity experience. To try Wijmo and explore demos, visit our site.

About GrapeCity: GrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and one of the world's largest providers of developer components. The company has more than 850 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. For over 30 years, GrapeCity has provided enterprises around the world with state-of-the-art developer tools and components, software services, and solutions. For more company information, visit our website.


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