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C1FlexReportDesigner Application

This sample includes the actual source code of the C1FlexReport Designer application that is shipped in binary form with ComponentOne Studio for WinForms (with some minor differences - e.g. the "check for updates" functionality is excluded). Only a C# version of this sample is provided.

In addition to the C1FlexReport component, the application uses several other ComponentOne WinForms controls and components, including the C1FlexReportDesigner control included in the C1.Win.FlexReportDesigner.4 assembly. (That control may be used by itself too, but it should be noted that its inteface is subject to change without notice - if you do use it, make sure to carefully check the "breaking changes" entries in the ChangeLog.html when updating to a new version of ComponentOne Studio.) To build this sample, the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms (.NET 4.0 version) must be installed on your system. A few other assemblies which are required to build the app but are not part of the ComponentOne Studio live in the "dlls" subdirectory of the main directory of this sample.

For more information about the ComponentOne FlexReport product family please see the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms documentation.