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Cell Padding and Label Styles

You can set cell padding and other style options for a watermark. You can set styles such as font, forecolor, alignment, and visibility.

Use the cellPadding field to set cell padding and style options.

The following code sample adds watermarks to cells and sets the padding and other style options.

var type = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Style();
type.watermark = "User name";
type.cellPadding = "20";
type.labelOptions = {alignment:GC.Spread.Sheets.LabelAlignment.topLeft, visibility: GC.Spread.Sheets.LabelVisibility.visible};

activeSheet.setStyle(0, 1, type);
activeSheet.getRange(0, -1, 1, -1, GC.Spread.Sheets.SheetArea.viewport).height(60);
activeSheet.getRange(-1, 1, -1, 1).width(150);

var combo = new GC.Spread.Sheets.CellTypes.ComboBox();
combo.items([{ text: "Oranges", value: "11k" }, { text: "Apples", value: "15k" }, { text: "Grape", value: "100k" }]);

activeSheet.setCellType(2, 1, combo, GC.Spread.Sheets.SheetArea.viewport);
activeSheet.getCell(2, 1, GC.Spread.Sheets.SheetArea.viewport).watermark("ComboBox Cell Type").cellPadding('10 10 20 10');
activeSheet.getCell(2, 1, GC.Spread.Sheets.SheetArea.viewport).labelOptions({alignment: GC.Spread.Sheets.LabelAlignment.bottomCenter, foreColor: 'yellowgreen', font: 'bold 15px Arial'});
activeSheet.getRange(2, -1, 1, -1, GC.Spread.Sheets.SheetArea.viewport).height(60);