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    Hit Test
    In This Topic

    Hit test generates response to user actions on a Graphical User Interface.

    SpreadJS supports hit-testing by allowing users to get cell index on mouse click events. This feature is useful when you need to access any element in the worksheet and respond to user selections. Using hit testing, you can get the specified hit area from X and Y coordinates in the workbook and know which sections of the spreadsheet have been clicked by a user.

    The hitTest method in the Workbook class allows users to get a specific hit area from X and Y coordinates in a workbook. Using this method, you can quickly recognize which element is located at the specified screen coordinates in a workbook.

    Refer to the following table to know about different hit areas in a workbook along with their subareas (called click area elements) in different hit areas.

    Workbook Area Click Area Elements
    Worksheet corner, rowHeader, colHeader, viewport
    Sheet Tab prevArrow, nextArrow, sheetName, blank, resize
    Horizontal Scroll Bar leftButton, rightButton, thumbButton, trackButton
    Vertical Scroll Bar upButton, downButton, thumbButton, trackButton
    Footer Corner footerCorner

    The five different workbook areas are described below along with their click area elements.

    Using Code

    This example shows how to use the hitTest method for hit detection. When a user clicks on an area in the workbook, the hitTest method is called and it returns the hit area from the X and Y coordinates in the workbook.

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    var hitArea = workbook.hitTest(0,0)