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    Language Package
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    SpreadJS supports CalcEngine language package by providing different language packages that allow users to use functions and formulas in their own language. Each language in the language package contains the localized functions which can be used for both simple and advanced calculations.

    For example - The "SUM" function in English language package is defined as "SOMME" function in French Language Package.

    Language Package allows users to work with SpreadJS in their preferred local language. Whenever you switch from one language package to another, all the words and phrases of formulas, functions and table formula keywords will be translated to the desired language so that you can interact with the spreadsheet applications without any hassle.

    While working with spreadsheets, you can either choose from the list of 18+ available language packages in SpreadJS or you can create your own custom language package and use it as per your specific requirements.

    For more information on using language packages, refer to the following topics: