SpreadJS 15
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    In This Topic

    You can create barcode sparklines in the spreadsheets to scan information easily and quickly with utmost precision.

    SpreadJS supports eleven different types of barcode sparklines including QR code, EAN-13, EAN-8, Codabar, Code39, Code93, Code128, GS1_128, Code49, PDF417 and DataMatrix in order to faciliate users to take informed business decisions and improve data analysis.

    Inserting barcodes in worksheets can be of great help especially when you're working for large retail industries that manufacture and sell thousands of products annually. For instance - let's say you want to create spreadsheets with a huge list of food products that you want to market to your customers. Now, inserting product numbers to the worksheets won't help because manually matching these numbers to identify the product price is a time-consuming task and will probably end up customers yelling at the billing counters. In such a scenario, using barcodes in worksheets can help your business partners identify the price of the products within seconds.

    Refer to the following topics to set the barcode sparkline of your choice in the worksheets.

    Note: In order to integrate barcodes in worksheets, users need to reference the following file: