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    Bind Cells
    In This Topic

    You can use cell-level binding in SpreadJS.

    Cell-level binding binds an object's property to a sheet cell. Wrap the data object to GC.Spread.Sheets.Bindings.CellBindingSource before binding the cell. Then bind the wrapped source to the sheet (sheet.setDataSource).

    Using Code

    This example binds cells in the sheet.

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    var person = {name: "Wang feng", age: 25, address: {postcode: "710075"}};
    var source = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Bindings.CellBindingSource(person);
    activeSheet.setBindingPath(0, 0, "name");
    activeSheet.setBindingPath(1, 1, "age");
    activeSheet.setBindingPath(3, 3, "address.postcode");
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