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    Chart Title
    In This Topic

    SpreadJS allows users to configure chart title while visualizing data in the spreadsheets. Basically, chart title refers to the name given to the chart.

    Customize Chart Title

    Users can add a title to their chart by using the title method of the Chart class. Users can set a custom text for their chart; define its font family, change its font size and font color etc. using the various customization options available in this method.   

    A chart with customization of basic components is shown below. The title of this chart is "Annual Sales Record".

     Customized chart title 

    Using Code

    The following example code shows how to configure a custom title for the chart.

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    var activeSheet = spread.getActiveSheet();
    // Prepare data for chart
    activeSheet.setValue(0, 1, "Y-2016");
    activeSheet.setValue(0, 2, "Y-2017");
    activeSheet.setValue(0, 3, "Y-2018");
    activeSheet.setValue(1, 0, "Mobile Phones");
    activeSheet.setValue(2, 0, "Laptops");
    activeSheet.setValue(3, 0, "Tablets");       
    for (var r = 1; r <= 3; r++)
       for (var c = 1; c <= 3; c++) {
       activeSheet.setValue(r, c, parseInt(Math.random() * 10000));
    // Add chart
    var chart = activeSheet.charts.add('Chart1', GC.Spread.Sheets.Charts.ChartType.columnClustered, 20, 110, 550, 250, "A1:D4");
    // Configure chart title
    var title = chart.title();
    title.text = "Annual Sales Record";
    title.fontFamily = "Cambria";
    title.fontSize = 28;
    title.color = "#696969";