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    Display #N/A Cells in Chart
    In This Topic

    SpreadJS provides support to display #N/A cells as empty cells in charts. The displayNaNAsBlank property in SpreadJS API, when set to true, considers the cells containing #N/A values as empty cells.

    When displayNaNAsBlank is set to true, the display of empty cells, when plotted on a chart depends on the value of displayBlanksAs method. It can have three values:

    For more information on how empty cells are displayed in a chart, please refer Display Empty Cells in Chart.

    The below screenshot depicts a chart created from data containing #N/A cells which are displayed as gaps.

     Displaying #N/A cells as empty cells in charts


    However, when displayNaNAsBlank is set to false, the #N/A values are displayed depending on the type of chart. For example:

    Note: Sunburst and Treemap charts don't allow #N/A cells within chart data.

    Using Code

    Refer to the following example code to display #N/A cells as empty cells in the chart. The displayBlanksAs method shows empty cells as gaps.

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    // get the activesheet
    var activeSheet = spread.getActiveSheet();
    // create array
    var na_error = GC.Spread.CalcEngine.Errors.NotAvailable;
    var dataArray = [
        ["", "Apple", "Samsung", "LG", "Motorola", "OnePlus"],
        ["Jan", 2, na_error, 3, 4, 5],
        ["Feb", na_error, 3, na_error, 5, 6],
        ["Mar", 3, 4, 5, na_error, 7],
    // set data
    activeSheet.setArray(0, 0, dataArray);
    // add chart
    var chart = activeSheet.charts.add('Chart', GC.Spread.Sheets.Charts.ChartType.area, 2, 85, 350, 350, 'A1:F4');
    // displayNaNAsBlank just make the #N/A treat as "blank"
    //then displayBlanksAs will tell chart how the "blank" displays i.e. zero/ gaps/ connected
    // set chart title
    chart.title({ text: "Display NAN As Blank" });