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    Pivot Table
    In This Topic

    Pivot Table is a powerful data analysis tool used to calculate, summarize, and present bulk data in a meaningful manner in a spreadsheet. SpreadJS allows you to use Pivot Tables to analyze the extensive data in spreadsheets, and group the data in different ways to draw helpful conclusions easily.

    The following image shows a pivot table created for a food sales company. 


    The data can be broken down into categories and subcategories, the subtotals and grand totals can be displayed, sorting and filtering operations can be applied, various layouts, styles, and themes can be applied while using a pivot table. The following gif shows how to summarize complex data by using a pivot table in a spreadsheet.



    For using pivot table and its various features, refer the below topics:

    Features Description
    Pivot Table Components Describe pivot table structure, components and elements
    Create Pivot Table Create Pivot Table in the spreadsheet through code

    Filter the fields in the pivot table by using:

    • Row Fields & ColumnFields Filter
    • Value Filter
    • Label Filter
    • Date Type filter
    • Slicer
    • TimeLine
    Sort Sort the data in the pivot table
    Group and Collapse Create groups according to the data type by using:
    • Group Dates
    • Group Text
    • Group Numbers
    Refresh Data Source Update the data in pivot table if data source is updated
    Pivot Table Layout Change the layout of the pivot table:
    • Compact Form
    • Tabular Form
    • Outline Form
    • Additional Settings
    Themes and Style Change the theme and style of pivot table:
    • Themes
    • Style
    Context Menu Describe context menu options
    Pivot Table Settings Modify the settings of the pivot table created in a spreadsheet:
    • AutoFit Column
    • Calculated Fields
    • Conditional Rule
    • Merge and Center Cells With Labels
    • Pivot Table ToolTip
    • Pivot Table Serialize/Deserialize
    • Show Empty Value As
    • Pivot Table Show Data As
    Pivot View Manager Add, modify and delete Pivot Table views
    Pivot Table Print Print pivot table