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    Select Multiple Worksheets
    In This Topic

    SpreadJS allows users to select multiple worksheets and perform delete or hide operations on them. The isSelected property can be used to select or deselect multiple worksheets. When multiple sheets are selected, hide or delete operations can be applied on them by using context menu options.

    The below image depicts multiple selected worksheets of a workbook.

    Selecting multiple worksheets in a workbook


    The selected state of an active sheet can also be changed by using isSelected property or SheetChanging event. When the active sheet is deselected, its view changes to activeNotSelected. The selected state of a sheet is reserved even after using the reset method.

    Supported User Interaction

    SpreadJS provides support to change the selected state of a worksheet by using keyboard and mouse click behavior. However, the active sheet is always selected and cannot be deselected by UI behavior.

    UI Operation Selected Sheet Tab Unselected Sheet Tab
    Click Sets the clicked sheet as active sheet.

    Sets the clicked sheet as active sheet and deselects all the selected sheets.

    If all the sheets are selected and non active sheet is clicked, the clicked sheet becomes the active sheet and all other sheets are deselected.

    Ctrl or Cmd + Click Deselects the selected sheet (not in case of active sheet). The clicked sheet is added as one of the selected sheets.
    Shift + Click

    In the cases of a selected or unselected sheet, this operation:

    • Selects all the sheets between the active sheet and clicked sheet.
    • Deselects all the worksheets that are beyond the above range.


    Using Code

    This example code sets the selected state of multiple worksheets in a workbook.

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    // get the activesheet
    var activeSheet = spread.getSheet(0);
    // Set the selected state of a particular sheet
    // get the selected state of a particular sheet
    var selectedState = spread.getSheet(3).isSelected();