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    Set Range Template Cell
    In This Topic

    SpreadJS provides support for a Range Template cell that allows you to define a template of cell ranges as a single celltype and apply that template to a cell to load different types of data into the template. Now, you can directly create a range template celltype through the designer also.

    The following steps should be performed to create a range template cell in the spreadsheet through the designer.

    1. Create a template by designing the range of cell in the spreadsheet. You can also select the existing template.
      Create or select a template

    2. Select the range where you want to insert the template.
      Select the range to insert the template

    3. After selecting the range, go to Home tab, click on the Cell Type option and select the Range Template celltype.
      Select the Range Template Cell

    4. Range Template dialog box appears with two options as shown below.
      Range Template dialog box appear

      • Sheet Name: Set the sheet on which you want to insert the range template. Make sure that you always use the current active spreadsheet.
      • Range: Select or set the range of created or existing template.
    5. Click OK after setting the above options.
      Click OK

    6. After clicking OK button, range template cell is set to the selected range.
      Range Template is set to range

    Note: When you select the range in the Range option, select only one range of the template. If you select multiple range, the designer will pick only the first range.