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    In This Topic

    A sparkline is a small chart which can be applied to quickly visualize data and transform it in a compact form in a cell. It uses data from a range of cells to help you easily analyze data at the cell level.

    You can set the sparkline type to column, line, or winloss by using setSparkline method or use type-specific formulas to create different sparklines available in SpreadJS.

    You can also implement your own logic to define a custom sparkline formula with provided dataset and settings; add that custom sparkline using addSparklineEx method.

    Note: Sparklines created using formulas cannot be exported to an Excel file.

    The image below shows the Vbar sparkline in action. It shows the trends in the temperature levels across a year in different cities and helps to quickly understand the high and low data points.

    You can use the following sparkline types in your spreadsheet. Click on the images to visit the corresponding topics.

    Types of Sparklines

    Column Sparklines

    Column Sparkline

    Line Sparklines

    Line Sparkline

    Winloss Sparklines

    Winloss Sparkline

    Area Sparklines

    Area Sparkline

    Pie Sparklines

    Pie Sparkline

    Scatter Sparklines

    Scatter Sparkline

    Bullet Sparklines

    Bullet Sparkline

    Spread Sparklines 

    Spread Sparkline

    Stacked Sparklines

    Stacked Sparkline

    Hbar Sparklines

    Hbar Sparkline

    Vbar Sparklines

    Vbar Sparkline

    Box Plot Sparklines

    Box Plot Sparkline

    Vari Sparklines

    Vari Sparkline

    Cascade Sparklines

    Cascade Sparkline

    Month Sparklines

    Month Sparkline

    Year Sparklines

    Year Sparkline

    Pareto Sparklines

    Pareto Sparkline

    Rangeblock Sparkline

    RangeBlock Sparkline

    Histogram Sparkline

    Histogram Sparkline

    Gauge KPI Sparkline

    Gauge KPI Sparkline

    Image Sparkline

    Image Sparkline

    Grouping Sparklines

    You can group and ungroup sparklines by using groupSparkline and ungroupSparkline methods.

    Grouping enables you to apply changes to several sparklines all at once and saves time in the process. Grouping also helps to easily compare sparklines by using the same type of sparkline and axis in a group.

    Copy Code
    var spread = GC.Spread.Sheets.findControl(document.getElementById('ss'));
    var sheet = spread.getActiveSheet();
    var s1=  sheet.setSparkline(13, 0, data
            , GC.Spread.Sheets.Sparklines.DataOrientation.vertical
            , GC.Spread.Sheets.Sparklines.SparklineType.line
            , setting
    var s2 =sheet.setSparkline(13, 3, data
            , GC.Spread.Sheets.Sparklines.DataOrientation.vertical
            , GC.Spread.Sheets.Sparklines.SparklineType.column
            , setting
    var s3=  sheet.setSparkline(13, 6, data
            , GC.Spread.Sheets.Sparklines.DataOrientation.vertical
            , GC.Spread.Sheets.Sparklines.SparklineType.winloss
            , setting
    // group sparklines
    var group = sheet.groupSparkline([s1,s2,s3]);
    group.sparklineType = GC.Spread.Sheets.Sparklines.SparklineType.column;
    // ungroup sparklines