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    SpreadJS Designer provides the ability to add a TableSheet in a workbook. The TableSheet ribbon button can be found in the INSERT > “Tables” tab group. Clicking on the ribbon button adds a TableSheet tab in the open workbook and activates the TableSheet Design tab.

    You can create a data source, starting by clicking the “DataSource” ribbon button in the DATA > “Data Binding” tab group. The DataSource tab appears where you can add a table and set the remote URL for CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) capabilities. You can fetch the table data through the Columns tab as well.

    You can click a column item to show or edit a column item by setting its properties, schema type, or add a relationship. A calculated column can also be added by clicking the “Add Calculate Column” at the end of the list.

    After adding the Data Source in Designer, users can now bind the table data source into TableSheet through the Designer TableSheet Panel. Select the existing table data source or create a new table data source through the “Binding Table” dropdown. The TableSheet view will load up on the previously empty area.

    The TableSheet field area and group area work the same as their runtime counterpart. To know more, refer to TableSheet Components.

    Note: The DataSource sheet does not export to SSJSON or Excel file, but the DataSource tables with table options is included in SSJSON.