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    TableSheet Interactive Behavior
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    TableSheet has rich interaction behaviors which help to make the tablesheet accessible and usable by as many people as possible.

    Zoom In and Out

    TableSheet supports zoom in and zoom out by mouse wheel with Ctrl key.

    Zoom in using Ctrl + Mouse wheel up and zoom out using Ctrl + Mouse wheel down.

    Resize Columns

    TableSheet supports resizing the column by dragging the right edge of the column header cell.

    You can automatically fit a column width by double-clicking the right edge of a column header cell. The AutoFitType enumeration option “cellWithHeader” can be set as well.

    If you want to retroactively change the neighboring column’s width along with resizing the selected column, the columnResizeMode can be set to “split” to change the default behavior.

    The following code sample shows how to set the column resizing to automatic fit mode as well as change the resize mode to split.

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    // set autoFitType to cellWithHeader
    spread.options.autoFitType = GC.Spread.Sheets.AutoFitType.cellWithHeader;
    // set the ResizeMode to Split
    spread.options.columnResizeMode = GC.Spread.Sheets.ResizeMode.split;

    You can also set a default column width for the TableSheet view using the ViewOptions class property defaultColumnWidth. By default, the column width is 60.

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    var view = customerTable.addView("myView", [
        { value: "customerKey", caption: "Customer Key" },
        { value: "customer", caption: "Customer" },
        { value: "billToCustomer", width: 200, caption: "Bill To Customer" },
        { value: "category", width: 120, caption: "Category" },
        { value: "buyingGroup", width: 180, caption: "Buying Group" },
        { value: "primaryContact", width: 170, caption: "Primary Contact" },
        { value: "validFrom", width: 150, caption: "Valid From" },
    ], false, {
        // Set default column width
        defaultColumnWidth: 100

    Cut, Copy, and Paste

    TableSheet supports cutting, copying, and pasting cells, rows, or columns using shortcut keys or through the context menu.

    The following shortcut keys are supported for the clipboard operations:

    Operation Windows Mac
    Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
    Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
    Paste Ctrl + V Command + V

    Right-clicking on a cell, row, or column selection will display the context menu consisting of the clipboard operations.

    If you want to paste multiple rows in a new row, the allowExtendPasteRange option should be set to true.

    The following code sample shows how to enable the allowExtendPasteRange option in SpreadJS.

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    // enable allowExtendPasteRange option to enable pasting multiple rows in new row
    spread.options.allowExtendPasteRange = true;

    Drag Operations

    TableSheet supports various drag operations like drag fill, drag-drop, and drag copy.

    Shortcut Keys

    TableSheet supports various shortcut keys including tablesheet-specific operations such as "Save all inserted and updated rows".

    The following table lists all the supported shortcut keys by TableSheet.

    Operation Shortcut Key
    Copy Ctrl+C
    Cut Ctrl+X
    Paste Ctrl+V
    Enter Edit F2
    Direct Input Char
    Exit Edit Esc
    Delete Del
    Delete and Enter Edit BackSpace
    Input submit, Move Down Enter
    Input submit, Move Up Shift + Enter
    Next line input Alt+Enter, Ctrl+Enter
    Save all inserted and updated rows Ctrl + Shift + S
    Move up Up key
    Move down Down key
    Move left Left key
    Move right Right key
    Move down Enter
    Move right Tab
    Move left Shift + Tab
    Move to Top/Bottom/Left/Right
    first cell 
    Ctrl + Arrow
    Move to next page PageDown
    Move to previous page PageUp
    Expand to mouse click selection Shift + Mouse click
    Expand cell selection Shift + Arrow