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    In This Topic

    TableSheet is a fast, data-bound table view with grid-like behavior, a spreadsheet user interface and calculation engine which uses the Data Manager to pull data from the server, interact with it and then creates a view of the fetched data to bind to a tablesheet.

    The main benefits of using a tablesheet are described below:

    A tablesheet can be created using the GC.Spread.Sheets.TableSheet.TableSheet and GC.Data.DataManager classes. The Data Manager is a powerful local data engine which interacts with the database to pull data, manage it and to sync real time data back to database and it then creates a view of the fetched data to bind it to a tablesheet.

    The following image shows a tablesheet created for a goods importer and distributor company. 

    TableSheet Features

    For using tablesheet and its various features, refer the below topics:

    Features Description
    TableSheet Components Describe tablesheet structure, and its components.
    Data Manager Describe the working of Data Manager and its methods.
    Create TableSheet Create tablesheet in the spreadsheet through code.
    TableSheet Views

    Control and customize the display of tablesheet columns:

    Data Operations Edit the data source efficiently with different sync modes.
    TableSheet Relationships Define and create table and field relationships with Data Manager.
    TableSheet Operations

    Perform different types of operations on a tablesheet:

    Rules Manage rules like conditional formatting and style rules in a tablesheet.

    Customize the appearance of a tablesheet:

    Calculations Utilize the enhanced calculation engine to add calculated columns and reference tablesheet in a worksheet.
    Interactive Behavior

    Interact with the tablesheet with different actions:

    TableSheet IO

    Export tablesheet to different file formats: