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Release Notes for Version 10.2.0

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

  • The Korean culture option has been added.

  • Angular 2 is now supported.

    • Cell Padding and Labels

    • Tag Setting

    • Clipboard Options

    • Range Select

    • Calendar Sparkline

  • New features in Spread Designer

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • Fixed the issue where Table binding looses data when first row item property is missed. [233154]

  • The register and setShortcutKey definition in d.ts is now corrected. [233432]

  • The shortcutKey parameter is now optional. [233432]

  • DataValidator.IgnoreBlank method is now working correctly. [233457]

  • Multiple selection on ComboBox cell type is now possible. [232970]

  • Formulas can now be pasted correctly using the clipboardPaste command. [233458]

  • DataValidation dropdowns now remain visible on exporting Spread to Excel. [233284]

  • Column style does not lose styling on exporting to Excel format. [232843]

  • Bold font disappears when saving Spread to Excel using Internet Explorer 11. [233156]

  • Fixed the issue where Excel row style foreColor affects cell's automatic fore color on importing to Excel. [235294]

  • Collapsed row range groups can now be imported correctly. [231873]

  • Export for Excel now supports adding special characters, such as <>, &, . [234797]

  • Binding date to a cell format is now corrected for Excel export. [224672]

  • FloatingObject hitTest issue is resolved. [234204]

  • No extra div element is added on using ExcelIO.Open() method. [234989]

  • 'Cannot read 'type' of undefined error' is now resolved for importing and exporting Excel files. [233227]

  • Sort order for the Filter Dialog can now be customized. [234919]

  • ValueChanged event now shows the correct value for oldValue parameter. [235852]

  • Improved performance on adding multiple groups. [235155]

  • Fixed the issue where ValidationError is fired twice on clicking outside spreadjs. [233987]

  • OtlineInfo.state method now works correctly. [233966]

  • The empty/black border JSON serialize and de-serialize logic is now corrected. [235963]

  • Excel Export (xlsx) format is now improved for better output. [235887]

  • SpreadJS Designer 9 and 10 does not lose any formatting or font color on importing Excel. [235418]

  • Browser crash on importing JSON is now fixed. [237817]

  • Spans are not lost on copy-pasting cells. [236784]

  • Export to Excel now does not throw exception when JSON contains custom Formatter object. [236760]

  • Corrected the navigation when span cell is in last row and last column. [237952]

  • Span cell drag fill now copies the border. [237654]

  • Cross-Sheet reference values are now updated. [235773]

  • New line now works correctly for print header. [236831]

  • Export delay is now reduced for better performance. [236865]

  • TypeScript definition v10.1.0 now does not throw a compilation error. [237165]

  • FloatingObject now resizes correctly on resizing the cell (when the whole FloatingObject is in one cell). [236689]

  • The clipboard behavior is now as expected when Ctrl+Z is used for ExcelMobileSample. [238554]

  • The formula can now be displayed correctly using formulaTextBox. [239269]

  • The PrintInfo firstPageNumber is now correctly diaplayed with Excel. [238055]

  • No error is generated on opening excel with no json data selected. [237001]

  • Error on opening an Excel file that uses formulas with named cells and VLOOKUP results is now resolved. [237984]

  • Sheet reference is now fixed when sheet name starts with a number. [238755]

  • Format cell can now remove the border in Designer. [239700]

  • Globalization sample now works correctly. [239588]