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Release Notes for Version 11.2.0

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

  • SpreadJS now supports ReactJS allowing users to build UI for web and mobile applications.

  • Users can now build complex UI and web applications using VueJS.

  • With the support for sheet area offset functionality, the outlines in the worksheet will be displayed even when the row/column header is hidden.

Changes from the Previous Release

This version of the product has the following changes.

  • The appearance of range groups can be customized using different CSS classes.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • Formulas and zeros now work correctly in an iOS application while loading the Excel file into SpreadJS. [251322]

  • XIRR function now calculates accurate result. [252262]

  • SUM function now calculates accurate result. [254207]

  • The delete row operation now works appropriately after applying filters. [254409]

  • The "Format Cells" dialog in SpreadJS Designer appears without any issues. [256249]

  • The formula bar now works correctly when it gets focus with tab. [256290]

  • The calculation precision issues have been fixed. [256943]

  • The formula involving ZA column reference is changed to AA. [257196]

  • The data "1E","2E",.. entered in the cell is converted to scientific notation without any issues. [257471]

  • While exporting PDF, the canvas.arc now remains intact at its correct position. [257491]

  • The results calculated by the calculation engine are now consistent with Excel. [257630]

  • While performing the copy or paste operation in SpreadJS and while changing the row count, no exceptions are thrown. [257912]

  • While exporting the PDF, the position of words is accurate. [258080]

  • Formula calculation results are correct now. [258357]

  • QualityFactor method now uses correct print layout. [258360]

  • After importing the Excel file, numbers can be correctly copied from it. [258499]

  • All the options now work appropriately after initialization of the Spread workbook. [258593]

  • After performing the zoom out operation in Spread, the content and images are now displayed correctly. [258595]

  • When SpreadJS includes the CJK character, the pdf export content can be managed without any hassle. [258806]

  • The AVERAGEIF function now calculates accurate result even when one of the cells is blank. [258892]

  • The word wrap feature now works correctly after the cell padding is set. [258954]

  • Importing excel with shared formulas no longer throws any errors. [259112]

  • The span feature now works without any errors after inserting rows. [259268]

  • The format result of "hh:mm:ss:" is now correct after Chrome update. [259287]

  • Table binding works appropriately even when the sheet is inactive. [259297]

  • Browser no longer crashes after importing excel file containing CDATA. [259469]

  • Users can now select the cell while editing formula by cross sheet. [259501]

  • IRR function now calculates accurate result. [259515]

  • While exporting Excel without formula, the date is correctly displayed. [259606]

  • The result of AsyncFunction is now correct in print and export PDF operations. [260112]

  • The JSON generated by the client side excelio follows SpreadJS JSON schema.[260098]

  • The .xlfn prefix in formulas is now handled correctly. [260266]

  • Exporting big row count to excel no longer throws an exception. [259428]

  • While performing the import operation on frozen row or column, the worksheet can be scrolled vertically. [260033]

  • The columnHeadersAsFrozenRows property can export the text of columnHeader. [260166]

  • Charts are displayed appropriately in imported worksheets after the import operation is complete. [260441]