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Release Notes for Version 3.20142.11

Changes from the Previous Release

This version of the product has the following changes.

  • Earlier versions of SpreadJS cannot load JSON files created with the current version of SpreadJS.

  • The evaluateFormula method has the useR1C1 parameter.

  • The suspendCalcService and resumeCalcService methods in the Sheet class have parameters.

  • The suspendCalcService and resumeCalcService methods have been added to the Spread class.

  • SpreadJS provides additional function modules to reduce JavaScript file size.

  • The context parameter has been added to methods in the BaseCellType and CustomCellType classes.

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

  • Widget Features

    • Area, Scatter, Pie, and Custom Sparklines have been added.

    • Column, Line, and Winloss Sparklines can be added with formulas.

    • The allowSheetReorder method has been added.

    • The useTouchLayout method has been added.

    • The jQuery UI is no longer required.

    • The formula text box has been added.

    • Arrary formulas are supported.

    • The setActiveSheet method has been added.

    • The getSheetIndex method has been added.

    • The SheetNameChanged and SheetNameChanging events have been added.

    • The rangesToFormula method has been added.

    • Options to save and load JavaScript files have been added.

  • Cell Features

    • The Spacebar key has been added as a default reserved key for the button, hyperlink, and check box cell types.

    • The isReservedKey, processKeyDown, and processKeyUp methods have been added.

    • The imeMode method has been added.

    • Cell comments have been added.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • The CellClick event now occurs on IPad2 devices. [71847]

  • Virtual Keyboard does not pop up when the user clicks on the checkbox cell in SpreadJS. [71121]

  • Cell value is not copied in the hidden rows when dragging the cell in a filtered row collection. [69924]

  • User Defined format code works in SpreadJS. [69915]

  • Formulas are correctly calculated in a specific row of a specific sheet in SpreadJS. [69653]

  • The setShowFilterButton method of SpreadJS works normally. [69561]

  • The browser no longer stops responding when multiple calculations are performed. [69544]

  • Formulas starting with "=+" work correctly. [69442]

  • Formulas are imported correctly when loading files using ExcelIO. [67469]

  • Custom Name Expression is updated after adding rows. [68272]

  • Excel files created using LibreOffice are exported to PDF correctly. [66367]

  • Cross sheet reference formulas are updated when the data in the dependent sheet is changed by resetting its data source. [65995]

  • Pinch zoom in and out touch gesture for SpreadJS works in IPad2 tablet. [65953]

  • T.Test formula of Microsoft Excel 2013 evaluates correctly. [65604]

  • AutoFit behavior is correct when columns have span and text word wrap. [65186]

  • Data validation that references another spreadsheet works in the Designer. [64618]

  • Memory issues are resolved. [64597]

  • VLOOKUP function finds an exact match in SpreadJS when using Excel IO service to import an excel file. [64399]

  • Keyboard navigation works in SpreadJS, when it is used on an aspx page along with script manager. [63132]