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Release Notes for Version 3.20143.14

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

  • Widget Features

    • The bullet, Spread, stacked, vari, box plot, cascade, hbar, and vbar sparklines have been added.

    • The pareto sparkline has been added.

    • Custom cultures are now supported.

    • More formulas have been added.

    • The formula text box now supports table names and custom names.

    • TypeScript support is now available.

    • Touch support has been improved.

    • JSON Schema support has been added.

    • Tag support has been added.

    • Custom formats are now supported.

    • The wildcard character is now supported in some formula functions.

    • Binding support has been added for tables.

  • Sheet Features

    • The combo box cell has been enhanced.

  • Cell Features

    • The showDragFillSmartTag method has been added.

    • The defaultDragFillType method has been added.

    • The getDirtyRows method has been added.

    • The getDirtyCells method has been added.

    • The hasPendingChanges method has been added.

    • The clearPendingChanges method has been added.

    • The getInsertRows method has been added.

    • The getDeleteRows method has been added.

    • The scrollbarMaxAlign method has been added.

    • The scrollbarShowMax method has been added.

    • The enableFormulaTextbox method has been added.

    • The refresh method has been added.

    • The getHost method has been added.

    • The getAutoFitWidth method has been added.

    • The getAutoFitHeight method has been added.

  • New Methods

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • The duplicate rule now has a faster response. [93053]

  • Formulas with custom names that contain mutated vowels are now correctly imported. [92964]

  • The Spread sheet layout is now correct when setting the canUserDragFill option. [92950]

  • The SpreadJS drop-down list is displayed, when the z-index of the SpreadJS host element is greater than 0. [91837]

  • The cell vertical alignment now works correctly. [91731]

  • The FormulaTextBox does not input the formula when the canUserEditFormula method is false. [91663]

  • SpreadJS works correctly after importing an Excel file which has page break settings. [91178]

  • The sheetTabDoubleClick event is raised correctly, when the tabEditable method is set to false. [90612]

  • The behavior is now correct for some locale settings. [90459]

  • SpreadJS now displays normally on mac retina display (13" and 15"). [90354]

  • Column headers are now unchanged after copying or pasting the column from one sheet to another. [90085]

  • The createListValidator method accepts number strings. [89811]

  • Ctrl+Z works correctly when the sheet is protected. [89157]

  • The Bold and Italics style in the sample now works correctly in Microsoft IE and Mozilla FireFox. [89057]

  • Importing to SpreadJS in Microsoft IE8 now works correctly. [86792]

  • SpreadJS now works with wijgrid in the same angularJS page. [85147]