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GC.Spread.Sheets Namespace / Slicers type / TableSlicerData Method
The table.
In This Topic
    TableSlicerData Method
    In This Topic
    Represents table slicer data.
    var value; // Type: any
    value = GC.Spread.Sheets.Slicers.TableSlicerData(table);
    function TableSlicerData( 
       table : Table
    ) : any;


    The table.
    //This example creates a slicer for the table.
    //create table
    var dataSource = [
        { Name: "Bob", City: "NewYork", Birthday: "1968/6/8" },
        { Name: "Betty", City: "NewYork", Birthday: "1972/7/3" },
        { Name: "Alice", City: "Washington", Birthday: "2012/2/15" },
    var table = activeSheet.tables.addFromDataSource("table1", 1, 1, dataSource);
    var slicerData = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Slicers.TableSlicerData(table)
    //Set slicer data to item slicer.
    var slicer = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Slicers.ItemSlicer("slicer", slicerData, "Name");
    //Add the item slicer to the dom tree.
    //The "slicerHost" is the div you want to add the slicer's dom to.
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