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    Create Custom Formulas
    In This Topic

    If you have functions that you use on a regular basis that are not in the built-in functions or if you wish to combine some of the built-in functions into a single function, you can do so by defining your own custom functions. They can be called as you would call any of the built-in functions.

    Using Code

    This example creates a custom function.

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    var spread = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Workbook(document.getElementById("ss"),{sheetCount:3});
    var activeSheet = spread.getActiveSheet();
    // Add Custom function
    // Type =myfunc(1)
    // in a cell to see the result
    function myfunc() {}
    myfunc.prototype = new GC.Spread.CalcEngine.Functions.Function("myfunc", 0, 0, {name: "myfunc",description: "This is my first function"});
    myfunc.prototype.evaluate = function (args) {
        return 100;
    spread.addCustomFunction(new myfunc());