SpreadJS 13
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In This Topic
    Keyboard Navigation Shortcuts
    In This Topic

    You can change the active cell or select cells with the mouse or keyboard keys. You can also use keyboard keys to make changes to the cell data.

    The end user can use the following default, keyboard keys:

    Ctrl+Z undo
    Ctrl+Y redo
    Ctrl + Down navigationBottom
    Down navigationDown
    End navigationEnd
    Ctrl+Right navigationEnd
    Ctrl+Home navigationFirst
    Home navigationHome
    Ctrl+Left navigationHome2
    Ctrl+End navigationLast
    Left navigationLeft
    Tab moveToNextCell
    PageDown navigationPageDown
    Ctrl+PageUp NavigationPreviousSheet
    Ctrl+PageDown NavigationNextSheet
    PageUp navigationPageUp
    Shift+Tab moveToPreviousCell
    Right navigationRight
    Ctrl+Up navigationTop
    Up navigationUp
    Delete clear
    Back clearAndEditing
    Enter commitInputNavigationDown
    Shift+Enter commitInputNavigationUp
    ESC cancelInput
    Shift+Left selectionLeft
    Shift+Right selectionRight
    Shift+Up selectionUp
    Shift+Down selectionDown
    Shift+Home selectionHome
    Ctrl+Shift+Left selectionHome
    Shift+End selectionEnd
    Ctrl+Shift+Right selectionEnd
    Shift+PageUp selectionPageUp
    Shift+PageDown selectionPageDown
    Ctrl+Shift+Up selectionTop
    Ctrl+Shift+Down selectionBottom
    Ctrl+Shift+Home selectionFirst
    Ctrl+Shift+End selectionLast
    Ctrl+C Copy
    Ctrl+X Cut
    Ctrl+V Paste
    Alt+Enter InputNewLine