SpreadJS 13
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    R1C1 Notation
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    Each cell can be referenced by its row and column number by preceding each by the letter "R" for row and the letter "C" for column. For example R1C3 is the cell in the first row and third column.

    A1 Cell Ref. R1C1 Cell Ref. Description
    B12 R12C2 Cell in the second column (column B) and twelfth row (row 12)
    D14:D48 R14C4:R48C4 The range of cells in the fourth column (column D) and in rows 14 through 48
    E16:H16 R16C5:R16C8 The range of cells in the sixteenth row (row 16) in the fifth through the eighth column (columns E through H)
    A25:E70 R25C1:R70C5 The range of cells in the first five columns (column A through E) and rows 25 through 70