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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function converts a number from one measurement system to its equivalent in another measurement system.




    This function has these arguments:

    Argument Description
    number Numeric value to convert
    from-unit Convertible units (see table below) of numeric value to convert
    to-unit Convertible units (see table below) of desired result


    In this context a measurement system is a set of units for different types of measurements. This function converts a number with one set of units to a number in different set of units.

    An error value is returned if the convertible units (from-unit and to-unit) are invalid or are from different categories of unit types (different tables below).

    The following tables list the convertible units by their unit type:

    Weight and Mass Unit Type Convertible Units
    Gram "g"
    Slug "sg"
    Pound Mass "lbm"
    U "u"
    Ounce Mass "ozm"
    Grain "grain"
    U.S. (short) hundredweight "cwt" or "shweight"
    Imperial hundredweight "uk_cwt" , "lcwt" or "hweight"
    Stone "stone"
    Ton "ton"
    Imperial ton "uk_ton" , "LTON" or "brton"

    Distance Unit Type Convertible Units
    Meter "m"
    Statute mile "mi"
    Nautical mile "Nmi"
    Inch "in"
    Foot "ft"
    Yard "yd"
    Angstrom "ang"
    Ell "ell"
    Light-year "ly"
    Parsec "parsec" or "pc"
    Pica (1/72 inch) "Pica"
    Pica (1/6 inch) "pica"
    U.S survey mile (statute mile) "survey_mi"


    Time Unit Type Convertible Units
    Year "yr"
    Day "day"
    Hour "hr"
    Minute "mn"
    Second "sec"


    Pressure Unit Type Convertible Units
    Pascal "Pa"
    Atmosphere "atm"
    mm of Mercury "mmHg"
    PSI "psi"
    Torr "torr"


    Force Unit Type Convertible Units
    Newton "N"
    Dyne "dyn"
    Pound force "lbf"
    Pond "pond"


    Energy Unit Type Convertible Units
    Joule "J"
    Erg "e"
    Thermodynamic calorie "c"
    IT calorie "cal"
    Electron volt "eV"
    Horsepower-hour "Hph"
    Watt-hour "Wh"
    Foot-pound "flb"
    BTU "BTU"


    Power Unit Type Convertible Units
    Horsepower "HP"
    Pferdestärke "PS"
    Watt "W" or "w"


    Magnetism Unit Type Convertible Units
    Tesla "T"
    Gauss "ga"


    Temperature Unit Type Convertible Units
    Degree Celsius "C"
    Degree Fahrenheit "F"
    Degree Kelvin "K"
    Degrees Rankine "Rank"
    Degrees Réaumur "Reau"


    Liquid Measure Unit Type Convertible Units
    Teaspoon "tsp"
    Modern teaspoon "tspm"
    Tablespoon "tbs"
    Fluid ounce "oz"
    Cup "cup"
    U.S. pint "pt"
    U.K. pint "uk_pt"
    Quart "qt"
    Imperial quart (U.K.) "uk_qt"
    Gallon "gal"
    Imperial gallon (U.K.) "uk_gal"
    Liter "l"
    Cubic angstrom "ang3" or "ang^3"
    U.S. oil barrel "barrel"
    U.S. bushel "bushel"
    Cubic feet "ft3" or "ft^3"
    Cubic inch "in3" or "in^3"
    Cubic light-year "ly3" or "ly^3"
    Cubic meter "m3" or "m^3"
    Cubic Mile "mi3" or "mi^3"
    Cubic yard "yd3" or "yd^3"
    Cubic nautical mile "Nmi3" or "Nmi^3"
    Cubic Pica "Picapt3", "Picapt^3", "Pica3" or "Pica^3"
    Gross Registered Ton "GRT" ("regton")
    Measurement ton (freight ton) "MTON"


    Speed Unit Type Convertible Units
    Meters per second "m/s" or "m/sec"
    Admiralty knot "admkn"
    Knot "kn"
    Meters per hour "m/h" or "m/hr"
    Miles per hour "mph"


    Area Unit Type Convertible Units
    International acre "uk_acre"
    U.S. survey/statute acre "us_acre"
    Square angstrom "ang2" or “ang^2"
    Are "ar"
    Square feet "ft2" or "ft^2"
    Hectare "ha"
    Square inches "in2" or "in^2"
    Square light-year "ly2" or "ly^2"
    Square meters "m2" or "m^2"
    Morgen "Morgen"
    Square miles "mi2" or "mi^2"
    Square nautical miles "Nmi2" or "Nmi^2"
    Square Pica "Picapt2", "Pica2", "Pica^2" or "Picapt^2"
    Square yards "yd2" or "yd^2"

    The following tables list the abbreviated unit prefixes that can be prepended to any metric from_unit or to_unit.

    Prefix Multiplier Abbreviation
    yotta 1.00E+24 "Y"
    zetta 1.00E+21 "Z"
    exa 1.00E+18 "E"
    peta 1.00E+15 "P"
    tera 1.00E+12 "T"
    giga 1.00E+09 "G"
    mega 1.00E+06 "M"
    kilo 1.00E+03 "k"
    hecto 1.00E+02 "h"
    dekao 1.00E+01 "e"
    deci 1.00E-01 "d"
    centi 1.00E-02 "c"
    milli 1.00E-03 "m"
    micro 1.00E-06 "u"
    nano 1.00E-09 "n"
    pico 1.00E-12 "p"
    femto 1.00E-15 "f"
    atto 1.00E-18 "a"
    zepto 1.00E-21 "z"
    yocto 1.00E-24 "y"


    Binary Prefix Prefix Value Abbreviation Derived From
    yobi 2^80 = 1 208 925 819 614 629 174 706 176 "Yi" yotta
    zebi 2^70 = 1 180 591 620 717 411 303 424 "Zi" zetta
    exbi 2^60 = 1 152 921 504 606 846 976 "Ei" exa
    pebi 2^50 = 1 125 899 906 842 624 "Pi" peta
    tebi 2^40 = 1 099 511 627 776 "Ti" tera
    gibi 2^30 = 1 073 741 824 "Gi" giga
    mebi 2^20 = 1 048 576 "Mi" mega
    kibi 2^10 = 1024 "ki" kilo

    Data Types

    Accepts numeric and string data. Returns numeric data.



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