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    In This Topic

    Gridlines refers to the horizontal and vertical lines appearing in the plot area of a chart.

    In SpreadJS, the major GridLine and minor Gridline have same type. You can get or set the style of the gridLine, set their color, width and the visibility.

    A basic image with configuration of major and minor gridlines for primary category axis and the primary value axis is shown below.

    Gridlines in a chart

    Using Code

    This code shows how to configure major gridlines and minor gridlines in the chart for primary category axis and primary value axis.

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    //Configure chart gridlines
    axes.primaryValue.majorGridLine.visible = true;
    axes.primaryValue.majorGridLine.color = "Yellow";
    axes.primaryValue.majorGridLine.width = 1;
    axes.primaryValue.minorGridLine.visible = true;
    axes.primaryValue.minorGridLine.color = "Orange";
    axes.primaryValue.minorGridLine.width = 1;
    axes.primaryCategory.majorGridLine.visible = true;
    axes.primaryCategory.majorGridLine.color = "Green";
    axes.primaryCategory.majorGridLine.width = 1;
    axes.primaryCategory.minorGridLine.visible = true;
    axes.primaryCategory.minorGridLine.color = "lightblue";
    axes.primaryCategory.minorGridLine.width = 1;