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Formula Reference / Formula Functions / Statistical Functions / RANK.EQ
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function returns the rank of a number in a set of numbers.




    This function has these arguments:

    Argument Description
    number Number whose rank you want to return
    array Reference to the set of numbers
    order [Optional] How the number is ranked, either in descending order (0 or omitted) or ascending order (non-zero value)


    The size of the returned number is relative to other values in the list. The top rank of that set of values is returned if more than one value has the same rank. Duplicate numbers are given the same rank. Duplicate numbers affect the ranks of subsequent numbers. For example, if the number of 11 is duplicated with a rank of 6 in a list of ascending numbers, the number 12 would have a rank of 8.

    Data Types

    Accepts numeric data for the number argument, a reference for the array argument, and numeric data for the order argument. Returns numeric data.