SpreadJS 14
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In This Topic
    GC.Spread.CalcEngine Namespace
    In This Topic
    Namespace for the calculation utilities.
    Represents an evaluate context for async functions.
    Represents an array in the formula result.
    Represents an error in calculation.
    Gets or Sets the Excel Compatible Mode for CalcEngine. Default value is FALSE. When ExcelCompatibleCalcMode disabled, SpreadJS will auto convert text to number for calculation. When ExcelCompatibleCalcMode enabled, treated the text differently when provided as argument directly or in array / reference. For example, A1 is text value "1", SUM(A1, 1) will be 2 if disabled, and 1 if enabled.
    Provides the base class from which the classes that represent expression tree nodes are derived. This is an abstract class.
    Represents the expression type
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