SpreadJS 14
GC.Spread.Commands Namespace / Key Enumeration
In This Topic
    Key Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Represents the key code.
    aIndicates the A key
    altkeyIndicates the Alt key.
    backspaceIndicates the Backspace key.
    cIndicates the C key.
    ctrlIndicates the Ctrl key.
    delIndicates the Delete key.
    downIndicates the down arrow key.
    endIndicates the End key.
    enterIndicates the Enter key.
    escIndicates the Esc key.
    homeIndicates the Home key.
    leftIndicates the left arrow key.
    pdnIndicates the Page Down key.
    pupIndicates the Page Up key.
    rightIndicates the right arrow key.
    shiftIndicates the Shift key.
    spaceIndicates the space key.
    tabIndicates the Tab key.
    upIndicates the up arrow key.
    vIndicates the V key.
    xIndicates the X key.
    yIndicates the Y key.
    zIndicates the Z key.
    This example creates a custom action using the enter key.
    var activeSheet = spread.getActiveSheet();
                    function ColorAction() {                    
                        //Click on a cell and press the Enter key.
                        activeSheet.getCell(activeSheet.getActiveRowIndex(), activeSheet.getActiveColumnIndex()).backColor("red");
    //Map the created action to the Enter key.
    spread.commandManager().setShortcutKey('myCmd', GC.Spread.Commands.Key.enter, false, false, false, false);
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