SpreadJS 14
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    GC.Spread.Sheets.Charts Namespace
    In This Topic
    Namespace for charts.
    Represents a chart.
    Represents a chart manager that managers all charts in a sheet.
    Represents the dataPoint collection that managers all dataPoints in a chart series.
    Specifies the type of error bar in series enum {number}
    Specifies the value type of error bar in series enum {number}
    Specifies the type of line in series enum {number}
    Represents the series manager that managers all series in a chart.
    Specifies the shape of symbol in series enum {number}
    Specifies the point on the specified axis where the other axis crosses.
    Specifies the type of axis group.
    Specifies the specified axis orientation
    Specifies the chart type.
    Specifies where the data label is positioned.
    Specifies the way of the chart display blank data.
    Specifies the built-in type of axis display unit.
    Specifies the position of the legend on a chart.
    Specifies the pattern type of chart element background color
    Specifies whether the values corresponding to a particular data series are in rows or columns.
    Specifies the position of tick-mark labels on the specified axis.
    Specifies the position of major and minor tick marks for an axis.
    Specifies how the trendline that smoothes out fluctuations in the data is calculated.
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