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GC.Spread.Sheets.Outlines Namespace / Outline type
In This Topic
    Outline type
    In This Topic
    Represents an outline (range group) for the worksheet.
    var instance = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Outlines.Outline(count);
    function Outline;
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    public ConstructorRepresents an outline (range group) for the worksheet.  
    public MethodGets or sets the outline's (range group) direction.  
    public MethodExpands all outlines (range groups), using the specified level.  
    public MethodExpands or collapses the specified outline (range group) of rows or columns.  
    public MethodGets the outline (range group) with the specified group level and row or column index.  
    public MethodGets the collapsed internal.  
    public MethodGets the level of a specified row or column. The level's index is zero-based.  
    public MethodGets the number of the deepest level.  
    public MethodGets the state for the specified group.  
    public MethodGroups a range of rows or columns into an outline (range group) from a specified start index.  
    public MethodDetermines whether the range group at the specified index is collapsed.  
    public MethodDetermines whether the specified index is the end of the group.  
    public MethodRefreshes this range group.  
    public MethodResumes the adding.  
    public MethodSets the collapsed level.  
    public MethodSuspends the adding.  
    public MethodRemoves all outlines (range groups).  
    public MethodRemoves a range of rows or columns from the outline (range group) at the specified start index.  
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