SpreadJS 14
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    GC.Spread.Sheets.Print Namespace
    In This Topic
    Namespace for printing.
    Specifies the paper size. The constructor has 3 modes. If there are 2 parameters, the parameters are width and height with a type of number; If there is 1 parameter, the parameter is kind which is a GC.Spread.Sheets.Print.PaperKind type; If there is no parameter, the result is the same as the second mode and the kind option is GC.Spread.Sheets.Print.PaperKind.letter.
    Represents the information to use when printing a Worksheet.
    Specifies the paper kind for the printed page.
    Specifics the type of centering for the printed page.
    Specifies the order in which pages are printed.
    Specifies the page orientation used for printing.
    Specifies whether the area is visible.
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